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Welcome to Lifepsychol

Lifepsychol is a collaboration of experienced psychologists offering a comprehensive range of psychological services for families and organisations around the North Island. We provide assessments, solution-focussed therapy and practical intervention strategies. Our team will work with you in a confidential and professional manner.

At Lifepsychol you can expect a service that is dedicated to identifying problems and providing therapies that will address the issues - providing a way forward. Our team of five psychologists work with families and organisations, as well as supporting General Practitioners and other health, education and social work practitioners.

Services for Families

We work alongside families and whanau to assist in developing stronger relationships, creating positive behaviour change and helping to identify and address areas of strength and difficulty. 

Services include, but are not limited to, clinical supervision, counselling, family therapy, parenting support, cognitive and behavioural assessments, and child therapy.


Services for Organisations

We can assist organisations to function at their optimum, working with people and teams in the workplace to enhance and support safety, well being and function within organisations. 

Services include, but are not limited to, clinical supervision, traumatic incident management, organisation psychology and behavioural workplace safety.